The Robot Restaurant blends elements of traditional Japanese culture with a futuristic vibe straight out of a comic book. You’ll sit down to an hour-long show that’s action-packed from beginning to end, with a rotating roster of characters like a high-kicking panda ninja, Japanese taiko drummers decked out in flashing lights and dinosaurs grooving to the heavy techno beat. While kids are allowed, it’s not everyone’s idea of a family outing – many of the sci-fi-inspired performers sport lots of cleavage (and not much else.)

With four performances each day, you can kick off the night with an early evening show at the Robot Restaurant or catch the late performance before turning in. Choose a basic cabaret ticket to receive a complimentary drink and the option to purchase a bento box during the show, or check out the amazing places to eat in the surrounding neighborhood. Try the fabulous yakitori at Hajimeya, or dine on the ultra-savory grilled meat at Jojoen Shinjuku Kabukicho, which specializes in yakiniku, Japanese-style barbecue. Just a few blocks away from the Robot Restaurant is Nagi Ramen, renowned for a broth infused with salty, dried sardines (it’s so good that even locals line the sidewalk for it every night.) To skip the planning, book a combo tour that includes a ticket to the show and dinner at a nearby restaurant.